Tree & Shrub Care




Pilgrims Pride offers complete tree and shrub care programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual property. These services are designed to provide proper nutrition as well as insect and disease controls for ornamentals and large trees all season long.


TR1     Spring Deep Root Feeding:  (For small ornamental trees and ornamental shrubs.)  Liquid fertilizer delivered directly to plants root zone to promote health and vigor over the entire season.  Applied late February/early March-May.

TR2     Early Spring Inspection/Treatment:  Dormant oil and insect control applied to select plantings.  This treatment will help smother eggs and control over wintering insects such as mites, aphids, scale, adelgids and other insect pests present at this time.  Applied March-May

TR2D   Spring Disease Treatment:  Ornamental disease controls applied to control diseases in Dogwood, Crabapple, Hawthorn, and other plantings as needed.  Applied in May.

TR3     Early Summer Inspection/Treatment:  Ornamental insect controls applied to select plantings as needed for control of Birch leaf Miner, Tent caterpillars, Canker worms, Gypsy Moth caterpillars, Winter Moth caterpillars and other insects present at this time.  Applied May-June.

TR4     Summer Inspection/Treatment:  Ornamental insect controls applied to select plantings at this peak time period to control leaf eating beetles.  Such as Japanese beetles and others as well as spider mites and other plant damaging insects present at this time.  Applied July-August.

TR5     Fall Inspection/Treatment:  Dormant oil and ornamental insect control applied to select plantings for late season insects.  Applied September-October.

TR6     Fall deep Root Feeding:  Liquid fertilizer delivered directly to root zone of select plantings to promote strong root growth for winter as well as encourage more noticeable health and vigor early next season.  Applied September-November (As late as early December as weather and soil conditions permit.)

TR7     Winter Protection Treatment:  Antidesiccant applied to select evergreens and deciduous plantings to provide protection from drying (winter burn) and other cold weather related injury.  Applied November-December.