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 Ticks are active above 40 degrees.   They hide in areas where they can readily attach themselves to a host as you, your loved ones, or your pets pass through the area.

Mosquito larvae hatch in mid-February in our area and mosquitoes become active soon after.

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of tick and mosquito borne disease problems in towns on the South Shore as well as on the Cape.

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, Massachusetts has the second highest rate of Lyme disease in the entire country.

It has become such a problem that many towns are alerting residents in local newspapers and over the radio in an effort to inform about these dangers.

In fact many towns are closing down athletic fields and canceling evening activities entirely because of the debilitating and often life threatening diseases transmitted by these blood sucking pests.

This is why it is important to guard yourself, your family and your pets from ticks and mosquitoes with our specialized tick and mosquito program.

We can help you keep your yard safe for your kids and pets. Our Tick and mosquito treatment program will control your biting insect problem effectively and safely. Often it is as simple as just a few treatments per season.

  • Our program begins with a free review of your property to determine what exactly your needs are and to recommend what is needed to keep these annoying insects under control,   During our visit we will identify “problem  areas” and advise you on what you can do as well to reduce these pest populations.
  • We offer your choice of treatments.  You can choose our all organic service which uses a proprietary blend of natural oils such as cedar, garlic and others.  Or you may choose our more traditional program that uses only the most recent and pest specific insect controls.  We have had tremendous results with each of these options and expect 30 to 45 days of control under normal conditions.
  • We generally treat your property up to six(6) Times during the season.  These treatments begin in early spring and then are re-applied at four to six week intervals through out the season.  This program has been designed to offer protection from mosquitoes and ticks right when you want it most!  
  • On each visit to your property, we will spray all lawn areas, trees, shrubs, hedges, and mulched areas. We target areas we know mosquito’s and ticks hide during the heat of the day.  We will also spray the foundation, sill and up to the first 2 ½ to 3 feet of your home to offer protection from ants, spiders and other home invading pests at no extra charge!

We have had such great results that many customers have  discontinued  exterminators and other such companies.  this offers tremendous money saving opportunities!

If you are not looking for a complete program but have a special event like a wedding or even a summer cookout we are glad to treat the property before the event to keep your quests happy and comfortable.

Why not get a few of your neighbors together and receive a neighborhood discount!


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  1. We are very interested in having our property sprayed for ticks and mosquitoes and would love an estimate for the season. Please contact me when you have a chance. Thanks so much in advance!!

    • Thank you for your interest in my services.
      Please call/text me at 508-245-1777
      And I’ll be happy to answer all your questions

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