Contractors Corner


Dear Fellow Landscape Contractor

Hello, I am Bob Brown. I am the owner of Pilgrims Pride Lawn Care.
I realize that as a business owner sometimes we get just one shot to make a great first impression.
While this letter may be a bit on the wordy side, I’m sure after you’ve read it you’ll be glad you did.

I would like to take a moment to tell you about my company and explain how I can help make your business more profitable.

Pilgrims Pride is a fully licensed and insured company offering both lawn and tree & shrub care services.
This is my only business. I am not a division of a larger landscape company, nor do I offer any other maintenance or construction services.
I will not be competing with you for other work after I leave your jobsite.
You can utilize my timely and reliable service without supporting the competition!

Now you can offer professional lawn, tree & shrub care services without actually owning the equipment or being concerned with the many licensing, training, record keeping and insurance requirements that go along with this type of service.

Trust us to do the job right

I promise to deliver reliability and quality at a competitive price.

Not to many years ago as a United States Marine, our battalion motto was “be good or be gone”.
While the meaning has changed just a bit, those words are no less important today!

So now as a small business owner I fully appreciate the value of the relationships between myself and the many landscape contractors in our area.
Unlike other companies who offer similar services, I will always be your sole contact person.
I will also be the only person who visits and treats your properties.
I do make every effort to make myself available when you need me.

I will strive to earn your business and your trust.

Are you a construction and installation company?

Ask yourself, how many times have you stood by your guarantee and reseeded a customer’s lawn or maybe replaced shrubs when you shouldn’t have had to?
It was clearly the customers fault! They didn’t water or they didn’t mow properly. Maybe they didn’t follow your instructions for fertilizing afterward. (You do leave instructions don’t you?)
Whatever the case, your customer just plain didn’t take care of things and now you have reseeded or replanted. Maybe even lost money doing it!

Now consider this. Doesn’t it make sense to be familiar with someone like myself? Someone who can “baby” these properties to see that they are properly cared for?
So after you leave your job you can get paid and move on?

Or are you a mowing and maintenance company?

By using my service you will never have a crew come in at the end of the day saying ”Couldn’t mow this one today. The customer said Chemlawn just fertilized so you need to come back.”
I will coordinate my visits around your schedule so this never happens.
You will never hear your customer say “My lawn man says you cut my grass to short.” Or “My lawn man says you caused that disease in my lawn.” Then there is the old “My lawn man says your blades are dull and that’s why my lawn looks so bad.”

Last, but certainly not least.

Maybe you have been doing your own fertilizing. Maybe you have one of your employees fertilizing.
I’m sure by now you have realized the difficulty of getting treatment done on time!
It is hard enough getting everything else done let alone planning treatments around the weather and call aheads and the like!
Then come dandelions’, crabgrass and all the other little troubles that come up in between feedings.
Now you need to go back and take care of those things too, usually at no charge!
Or do you have an employee out with a spreader? Is he licensed? Is he well trained and knowledgeable enough to handle the many challenging and often difficult to diagnose conditions that come along?
Is he really getting things done the way you expect?

By using my service you will be able to eliminate all of the troubles I have mentioned.
Also you will actually have two trained sets of eyes monitoring your customer’s property to make sure they are getting the best care possible.
If I ever notice a concern I will call you (or your foreman if you like) so that you can handle it rather than getting a call from your customer complaining that there is a problem. That makes you look good!

In closing, I am sure that you will be pleased with my professional and knowledgeable service. I do whatever it takes to create a partnership that will grow greener, healthier lawns and a more competitive business for you!

Please feel free to call me on my cell any time. The number is 508-245-1777.
Your lawns will be glad you did and so will you!


Robert W. Brown
Pilgrims’ Pride Lawn Care