May 102013

One of the wonderful things about working outside is that I get to enjoy all of nature’s wonders unfold every year.  From those first crocuses bringing their promise of spring to the splendor of the fall foliage,  I get to savor it all.


Over the past days I have seen the webs and felt the little tickle of some early gypsy moth caterpillars  I am seeing tent caterpillar nests now too.

Right now is the time to stop them in their tracks.  The key is being sure that your trees and shrubs are treated at the right time and with the equipment that will reach the tops of your tallest trees.  l  will protect your trees and ornamentals from these leaf eating, plant ruining and mess making pests!  It will stop them from pooping all over your cars, decks and your house too!  Remember what a mess they make?  What a bother it is to clean up after them?


My average price to spray your entire property is around $150.00.  Call/text me now at 508-245-1777 or e-mail me at bob@pilgrimspridelawncare and I’ll be happy to put you on my list.  My pricing is very reasonable and I guarantee results!  Be sure to leave your name, property address, and best contact numbers.  I will do the rest!

Get a few of your neighbors together and I’ll gladly offer a “neighborhood discount”!

BTW, many of my customers take advantage of this treatment and then continue on with my tick & mosquito program.  This is a great way to protect your kids, pets and your family and make your property insect free and more enjoyable all summer long!  Click here for more information:

Enjoy the day!

Bob Brown